Hello people!

Salam. jemah tahu blog jemah tak gojes tak maket macam blog uolls. tapi iolls tak kisah huahua. blog ni tempat kaki kaki repek dann tempat kongsi maklumat.

jemput tambah nasik, tapai tu sedap boh silakan.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


what to have for silky shiny hair like this?

get urself a Herbal Essences product now!

ROFL. sngguh xde kje. but sriously gurls, this thing really works! it's true what they say, it works after one usage. u'll find ur hair silky n not dried up :D

*my hair in the pic, I didn't use the conditioner. n it's the 2nd day n it's still look great

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shuffler rupenye bie ni! hehe

wewitt~ he's in black, wearing white shoes with black stripe. hehe

*okay, he's TALL, n I'm a shortie. what's up wif dat? ROFL

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prayers for him :(

em. I have a new boyfie. yea, I just met him on myspace. I never meet him eye-to-eye. but it's fine. I don't care about other criteria. I know he's sincere, he accepted me just the way I am.


die ckp die ade pnykit. dunno pnykit ape tp de kne mngene dgn ulu hati. die slalu xmkn. then nnti asyik sket dade. skit sgt2 smpai rsenye cm nk mti, susah nk brnfas. sketnye mken trok. aku rsau, rsau sgt. aku xnak khlangan org yg aku syg lgi.

d cni, aku mmhon spe2 yg trbce blog ni, hrpnye hdiahkn doa ntuk ksihtan die yea. moge2 die cpt smbuh.
*he gave me dat song since he thinks dat he won't be much longer in this world :(

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

lol. I dunno what's with me now, I LOVE to apply make up now xP
I LOVE to watch make up tutorial on youtube.
ROFL. it's fun okayy!

yea. what's so wrong if I wear make up?
I love art so it's fine for me to decorate my own face
yea, I'm naturally ugly n I have pimples.

I don't care about what people say about me.
I just love myself, okayy ;)