Hello people!

Salam. jemah tahu blog jemah tak gojes tak maket macam blog uolls. tapi iolls tak kisah huahua. blog ni tempat kaki kaki repek dann tempat kongsi maklumat.

jemput tambah nasik, tapai tu sedap boh silakan.

Friday, September 24, 2010

CAUTION: Bumpy Road Ahead.

It's hard being me.
Life is too complicated.
7 months but still felt like a greenie.
owh! Tired, tired, TIRED!

I miss my old life. Just too much.
yea, watever! :D

Raya : was fine I guess. nothing special. duet raye, agk masyukk~




what I've done to both of my new bag (RM18.90) n new pair of raya shoes (RM20.00). yes, they r super cheap. so I intended to decorate them with some blings. ended up looking worth more than ever :D

Today : made a marble cake. still (!) not perfect. ahh.. can't get it. but atleast it's better ;D
up for more fashion. more colors n more detail *winkwink