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jemput tambah nasik, tapai tu sedap boh silakan.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Because Heart Is Not A Game To Play

Assalamualaikum ..

huk aloh.. dah la dah lama tak update. tiba2 je up entry tajuk jenjiwang.. manifesto apakah?

nahh~ currently 3.44am, sitting on my bed. thinking of spilling it out. - of the feeling I've been through for these few days. it's not that HUGE but it's distracting me.

distract me just that much.. I may be smiling and laughing. for God sake, yeah. but inside, the heart is crying like a lil kid. and I'm just gonna keep that on my own. well - until now.

lil kid ngkauu .. perasaan gituw. tiba2 nak speaking bagai ni dah kenapa pulak kan. melayan perasaan kah? takde kaitan. hekhek

o well . . .

how do you felt, when someone that means so much to you, that someone who's always be with you; suddenly act differently?

so different that you could suddenly flash back all those good memories again. wondering where that person be now? what happened to them? did I do anything wrong? maybe they find someone better - of something like that.

I bet you had. and  I'm on that phase now. and I hate it.

really hate it. please ... :(

but yeah. I'll always have Allah to guide me through this. I may not be that strong. but Allah accompany me through my hard times. and I thank Him for the good times. He knows best.. I shall be ready for any circumstances. Allahuakbar :)