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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holiday at Sarawak :D

July 4 2009, around 12pm, ktorang brtolak dr jb kt Senai Airport n arrived around 2pm in Kuching, Sarawak. I'd been flying beneath, through, n above clouds. it's my 2nd experience and I felt great :) the view was so eye-catching. unfortunately, I didn't take any photo of them :(

p.s : this is not our flight. just arrived :D

ktorang duk kt Tune Hotel (Air Asia pnye). hujan lebat la plak! we couldn't go anywhere :( after few hours, hujan pun reda cket. nk cte pnye detail, pnjg la plak. so, pndekkn je la, yea :D

this is our tourist guide :D

Uncle Chew; 56 years old. funny, friendly, likable :)

food there :
  • laksa sarawak. the taste is indescribable xP

  • roti telor. cm telor dadar je :P
  • umai
  • ayam pasoh ( d masak dlm buluh)
places we went :
  • muzium sarawak
  • pasar tamu @ Serikin. sempdn indonesia
  • Tasik Biru; bkas lmbong emas kelas 1
  • kek lapis dayang salhah
  • can't remember. but it's all about self-made vases
  • can't remember too. could see around Kuching up there
  • pasar tamu. ikan masin
  • statue of kucing (cat)
  • on a sampan

July 5 2009, after the tiring day, we were ready to head for our flight back to JB. it was so sad to leave sarawak; especially uncle chew :( we reached at the Kuching airport around 6pm and flew on around 9pm. the flight took 2 hours. my brother fetched us at the airport.

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