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Salam. jemah tahu blog jemah tak gojes tak maket macam blog uolls. tapi iolls tak kisah huahua. blog ni tempat kaki kaki repek dann tempat kongsi maklumat.

jemput tambah nasik, tapai tu sedap boh silakan.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, my old bestie! :D

Aishah bt Abdul Ghani. She was born on May 30 1993 (which means today). I knew her since I was 10. We were best friends. I knew her as a person who is calm, soft, polite, smart, friendly and respectful. After we gone 13, we're not together anymore. We're studying in different schools. But she's still in my mind. We met for several times. Not seldomly. As a friend, she means alot to me. And today, May 30 2009, you have reached 16, dear.I want to wish you HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY! May your wishes come true and may god bless you. And hopefully our relationship lasts forever :)

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